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Tomorrow land awaits

Have you seen it?
The blinding horizon
A new age!
A new page!
She awaits!

Forget the bitter past
Don’t be tempted to look back
The moment you do it
Your story will end
Can’t you hear call your name ?

Tomorrow land!
A place we’re obliged to create
A place with equality and empathy
Understanding and justice
Freedom from this cruel dome
Her screams keep me up all night

I’m scared though
I’ll lose my history
My origin
My roots
I can’t chose between the two
But just like opposite poles I’m pulled
Toward you

I need to quench my thirst
I need to grow
To discover my perfect
To see beyond what they saw
To live a life they could only imagine
I need not worry ..for my foundation is firm
Now I can finally bloom

You better wait for me there
I’m coming soon
Let me let go of my burdens
Those who pull me down
The ones who remind mee of my wounds
We’ll be one
Tomorrow land awaits

Mark Murungi,
November 5, 2021

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