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The naked truth

I unflowered the petals that covered my body
And displayed him before a mirror
Watched my eyes denote every part of him
I considered an error
A malfunction that had to be revised .
The longer I stared the more I uncovered
The little bits no one sees
The detailed lines , the shades and tints ,
The rough curves and the finely smoothed ones
And in other mystical places a little bit of both
Oh how I wish
Wish you’d see how I looked at me
For the first time in a long time
My eyes sparkled ,
Not because of the hate I held with in
Nor the despondency I radiated within and without
But for how I had discovered the naked truth
There was no need to withhold the robust showers.
As I calmly embraced the relief that came
I viewed him from all perspectives
Analyzed depths , the mirror was to afraid to see
Unapologetically bold , firm with my flaws as my front line force
For once you’re done triggering what makes me humane
I’ll counter attack with prof that I’m perfectly okay

The naked truth , it finds you when you least expect it
And some times at moments you really needed it
No matter the out come , the reaction
Evaluate and seek a reality where you’re at peace
Don’t run , nor should you hide

This is my naked truth

Mark Murungi,
April 28, 2022

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