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Some days

Some days are going to be gloomy, like a cloud-covered sky

But even cloudy skies are beautiful, the sun hidden in the horizon

Some days you are going to struggle and persevere through pain

But even on the darkest days, birds sing and flowers bloom


Seasons come and go

Change is the only constant.

Nothing is permanent.

Everything fades in time.

Lucky for you,

eternity is in love with the production of time, Blake said.


Some days are going to be perfect.

Give yourself credit for your patience,

and actions that brought you this serenity.

Some days are going to be magical as if a dream,

Bask in it for this is your dream come true.


There is magic all around us.

Hidden in plain sight only for a keen eye to perceive

Be grateful, especially for the little things.

And maybe some days of joy will turn to an eternity of everyday joys


Live your magic. Do not let the pain and struggle that come your way dim your shine. Know that they are passing by, unwelcomed guests. And when opportunities and joy come knocking, be sure to welcome them. Fill your life with gratitude. Gratitude elevates your attractive factor, bringing joy your way. A joyful life is a magical one.


Kinge Kelvin,
June 25, 2021

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