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So long but not goodbye

A journey has been taken
One that can’t wait
Because of its weight
For every beginning has an end
And every end a beginning
This is where we part ways
Till the time we meet again
My good friend

It hurt to say goodbye
Rather it’s a price I have to pay
For tomorrow land awaits
I’m assured we’ll meet there
But as of now we have to sail a different course

So long dearest blood
For the times we’ve spent together
Has made us more than friends
We are more like family
Destined to meet
No matter how far we drift

When we find each other away
There is no way we’ll tread again
We’ll share each others success
We’ll sing and dance
We’ll have a feast from moon to sun

We’ll remember our golden days
We’ll be together once again

Mark Murungi,
November 5, 2021

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