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Redo Everything

With time I understood that there will come days when we will all feel imprisoned by our past, imprisoned by our dreams, our memories and we have only one idea, to escape from them. We will try to build a new world around us, a world without pain and remorse, a world where peace and joy reign everywhere. And that everyone will try to clean up their lives by putting all these sad memories in a basket, but there will always be one that will hurt us as much as a bee sting. Rebuilding yourself won't be easy, choosing to rewrite your story won't be easy, but it all starts with a blank sheet of paper and a pen. The blank sheet of paper which is nothing other than history, life to be rebuilt and the pen an asset, a gift from God which will allow us to rewrite our history, to rebuild our lives. Don't expect things to always turn out the way you want at the risk of always being disappointed because on one side there will always be light and on the other there will always be darkness. In other words, in life we ​​will have to go through the top and the bottom, but once we are in darkness, only our attitude will determine whether or not we want to get up and move on. In order to change the course of things, only you will know how you want to rewrite your story and what colors you need to use in order for it to have some splendor, to make sense.

Albathi Daniel,
November 8, 2021

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