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A little boy sits at the corner of an empty room
Cuddled up in his own shadows
Trembling and shaking,
Afraid of what his become
And from the cold silence
The drums amplify his pounding heart

I can feel the chills
His freal state ,Hick-up after hick-up
The struggle to utter a word
Yet due to this unforgivable fate
Words seem to be forgotten
Erased !

With thorns that prick
Every move he takes
Tied all around
Left to comfort himself in a cage
His arms restrain the mouth from shouting
And maybe! Just maybe
A squeak from his frail voice , will save him

The salty waters that run all day
Quench a blooming rose .
And with every growth made ,
The strong the ridged stems.
With his determined soul to be remembered
Burgeon!( flowering, exploding)
He enjoys his nectar
An unforgettable taste

Mark Murungi,
May 23, 2022

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