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Chinese Bamboo Tree

Develop your inner strength first, like me

The other trees sprout and grow in a few months

I take years with no sign of growth

But trust me, I am working on my foundation from within

Strengthening my root system for the future


Nurture your dreams, like me

The other trees grow tall before I even sprout

Hidden in fertile ground, I dream of great heights

And when I sprout, in weeks I'm 80 feet high

The foundations and dreams Got me here


Have faith and believe in yourself, like me

Although I take time to sprout, I know I eventually will

Despite my hollow inside, on the outside I know I'm as hard as iron

My uses plentiful, lucky bamboo

My value, invaluable


Be patient, like me

Learn to delay your gratification, the way I'm patient with my growth

Suppress fear and doubt, for the greatness, is just about

My consistency helps with this,

These are the many lessons I give to you.




We can learn so much from nature. The Chinese bamboo trees can teach us value of patience. Many times, observing nature gives clarity. If we could only pause our rush and observe we would see.

Kinge Kelvin,
June 24, 2021

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